when i run the dark

to a place that's vast

the story

Ico is taken from the village to the castle by robed villagers. He is put into an empty stone sarcophigi, a hushed apology is murmered, and the men turn and go, as the lid closes. Somehow Ico manages to knock the stone container over and it breaks open but in the fall, he is knocked unconscious. He dreams of a girl covered in darkness. When he awakens, he climbs the spiral stairwell and finds Yorda in a cage high above the ground. He releases her and the cage lowers to the ground and opens.

Ico questions if she was a part of the sacrifice too, but Yorda only reaches for him saying nothing. Suddenly wraiths arise from a black pool in the floor and grab Yorda. Ico find a stick and beats them away, grabs Yorda and runs.

By the time they reach the gate, they make a run for it but Yorda trips and the Queen closes the main gate before they can make it through. It is clear Ico is the first person Yorda has seen and this has been her first trip outside of the castle walls. The Queen gives Ico a forbodding warning to leave her daughter Yorda alone. Ico cannot understand Yorda's language and wonders if she can understand him, but takes her hand and sets out to find a away out of the castle.

After activating both the East and West Reflector, the gate reopens and Ico and Yorda make a run for it when suddenly the light from the Reflectors hits Yorda and she falls. As Ico runs back for her the dpace between them on the bridge breaks. Instead of leaving Yorda behind, Ico jumps the spanse, but does not make it. Yorda grabs his hand.

As she struggles to pull him up, but the shadows consume her body and she losses her grip. Ico falls as Yorda whispers what could be an apology as she hangs her head in defeat...

But Ico actually falls onto a crate, and is still determined to find Yorda. To shorten the story, he finally gets to the Throne room. The Queen's first backlash of energy throws Ico into the air, knocking off most of his right horn. Ico finally makes it to the Queen and runs her through with the Magic Sword. With her dying breaths she tells Ico that Yorda can never leave the castle. Her final backlash of energy tosses Ico up into the air where he hits the wall and most of his left horn falls off as he hits the ground, knocked unconscious. Back in her cage, the negative energy consumes all of Yorda's body. She stares at her hands and rises to her feet.

Scenes are shown to the various parts of the castle Ico and Yorda traveled together-- the castle is crumbling into the sea below. Yorda finds Ico, lifts him with ease and goes down the elevetor. She take Ico to a boat gently places him in and pushes the boat off. She stands there, the castle falling around her, speaks in her language; perhaps thanking or bidding Ico farewell....

Ico awakes and scrambles out of the boat. He begins to run downshore, where he finds the body of Yorda washed upon the beach. His expression looks as if he thinks Yorda has drowned, but he calls her name...

And Yorda opens her eyes, and speaks something. The screen goes black.