Hello, and welcome to Senritsu. Here you can sample a few songs from the magnificent ICO OST. Although the tracks aren't very long, the CD is well worth the money!


ICO~霧の中の旋律~ / ICO ~The Melody in the Mist~
Composer: 大島ミチル / Ooshima Michiru http://


1. Prologue
2. Coffin
3. Impression
4. Castle in the Mist
5. Beginning
6. Who are you?
7. Darkness
8. Heal
9. The Gate
10. Queen
11. Continue
12. Deja vu
13. Shadow
14. Entity
15. Collapse
16. Ico -You were there-

Amazon 32.98~14.25 USD
Amazon JP ≈12.09 USD
Play-Asia 13.90 USD
EBay 7.99-26.25 USD

Besides the official soundtrack, there are two mixes available on OverClocked Remix that are wonderful to listen to.

ICON composed by Binster

Save Me composed by SGX

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