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Afterlife or New Beginning

beach Going through several forums I was shocked that some took the ending to mean that both Ico and Yorda actually died. They use the Queen's final words that Yorda being unable to leave the castle and that the Queen's final blow actually killed Ico. That's horribly depressing outlook.

In the prequel, Shadow of the Colossus, as the villagers leave the evil Dormin possessed hero, Wander, in the Forbidden Land, they pray that he may be redeemed in the second life. I think the line of horned babies was Wander's attempt to seek redemption, and where the other children died, Ico not only escaped but saved Yorda. Twice in the game, Ico could have escaped but refused to leave Yorda, just as Wander went into the Forbidden Land to save his beloved Mono from death. Yorda may have been able to take that power and become the next Queen, but she cares only to save her first and only friend. Both children have fought against fate and have finally been smiled upon. The horns that cursed Ico have been broken off and Yorda has washed upon shore, free to be a normal girl. Both have been liberated by from the castle, and in Ico's situation, the society that shunned them. In the castle shadowy areas were places the wraiths pooled from to break the two apart, but there is not one shadow on the dazzingly bright sunlit beach.